Month: January 2014

5th Element Mondoshawan

For those of you wondering what the Mondoshawan suit is I want to make, you’ll recall them from the epic movie with Mila, The 5th Element.

They were the big eggy looking guys who showed up in the beginning of the movie to collect the stones ( I’ll be making some of these also ).

Anyhow, through the years the actual movie props were pieced out, ruined, etc, only one remains in a collectable shop in England… kinda sad actually cuz they’re pretty cool. Anyhow, here’s some reference pics I’ll be using to bring on of these bad boys to life hopefully by the end of the year.

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Oh we’re so close now I can taste it

Closing day is March 10th ( possibly March 7th ) on our new house, what that means for me is a whole garage within which to build my workshop and in turn larger projects, more storage for stuff and even bigger and better tools to play with !!!!

On the board already¬† are a few things I’ve wanted to do for a while but never really had the room:

  • Halo Scout Suit
  • Halo Master Chief Suit
  • Halo ODST Suit
  • Mondoshawan Suit ( 5th Element )

Already working on plans and template, just need the space which I will soon have

Some random curiousities I’ve made

Here is a collection of odd little things I’ve assembled in the past and once I have my new workshop I’ll be making again. A really big hit seemed to be the little bottles of Kraken Repellent and the Escape from the Old One’s boxed game.

You would be surprised what comes to mind when you are walking around the craft store, long as you have a theme set in your head, you can find all kinds of stuff to help make tons of little knick-knacks that are perfect for setting on the coffee table and leaving as decoration.

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Whimsical Repellent Soaps

An idea I had a long long long time ago that was rekindled a couple of times over the past couple of years is a series of whimsical repellent soaps and lotions…. surprising they really work as I keep a bottle of the Undead Repellent Lotion around and I have yet to see any undead lurking around !!!

There’s Undead, Vampire, Kraken, Werewolf, Pirate, and Ghost Repellents all packages in custom designed boxes to fit into a Steampunk theme or Victorian era setting. Not to mention they make really great conversation pieces when left sitting on the bathroom counter.

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Ahhhhh Roasted French Vanilla Coffee Soap

So today I was finally able to relax, wind down, and make some soap. Using roasted French vanilla coffee ( from Dunkin Doughnuts ) and two types of olive oil glycerine soap I was able to fill my molds up halfway first with the nice dark coffee scrub and when that had cooled, added a second layer with no coffee but aloe and vitamin e.

Using the ground coffee in the soap helps to create a VERY invigorating experience while at the same time exfoliating and moisturizing. When you don’t want to scrub, the milky white side has the aloe and vitamin e for those sensitive areas.

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Rattlesnake Pistol Grips

It’s common knowledge that when I set my mind to do something I can do it, especially with leather and skins. This was put to the test when my fiance’s father brought me a rattlesnake skin and a pair of wooden pistol grips and asked me to wrap them with the snakeskin. First step was…

Welcome to Idle Hands

When all else fails, there’s nothing to do, you’re twiddling your thumbs wondering what to do next…. that’s the moment when Idle Hands takes over and we create things from whatever we can get our hands on, in, or around.

Some of the things we like to do:

  • Leather Working
  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy Props
  • Steampunk Accessories
  • Graphics & Webdesign
  • Homemade Soaps & Lotions
  • Creations for SecondLife
  • Re-purposing secondhand finds
  • and much much more…

Although we never like to keep our hands idle, we find that some of our best creations come from those moments when we have nothing to do and not a clue of what to do next; that means you never know what you will find here on the site or what sort of mischief we’ll get into.