Month: October 2016

Rey’s NN-14 Blaster

Another little side project I wanted to do was some of the Star Wars weapons and along with the Imperial Scout Pistol I’ve already started, I began work on Rey’s Blaster from The Force Awakens. It’s all going to be 3D printed and detailed then cast up.

It’s a pretty straightforward build, the model is sound and can be found here:

This second link below is for several split parts I made from the above files to make them easier to print more on my schedule instead of the 3-6 hours they normally take. Shortening the print time also means there’s less chance for problems to occur during the print. These parts also do not need support which will result in a cleaner print and save on finishing time.

Tomorrow I’ll have more filament and will begin printing the rest of the blaster out and get some pics as I work on it.