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Rey’s NN-14 Blaster

Another little side project I wanted to do was some of the Star Wars weapons and along with the Imperial Scout Pistol I’ve already started, I began work on Rey’s Blaster from The Force Awakens. It’s all going to be 3D printed and detailed then cast up.

It’s a pretty straightforward build, the model is sound and can be found here:

This second link below is for several split parts I made from the above files to make them easier to print more on my schedule instead of the 3-6 hours they normally take. Shortening the print time also means there’s less chance for problems to occur during the print. These parts also do not need support which will result in a cleaner print and save on finishing time.

Tomorrow I’ll have more filament and will begin printing the rest of the blaster out and get some pics as I work on it.

River’s Alpha Meson Blaster

Almost as prevalent as her lipstick is River’s Alpha Meson Blaster which can be seen in “Gridlock”, “The Big Bang”, and “Day of the Moon” as well as numerous other episodes.

With the 3D printer back up and running with little to no problems I wanted to continue working on the Doctor Who props in hopes of having a large selection that could be molded and cast in resin. The other reason is that it will keep me occupied when the weather isn’t compliant with slinging fiberglass or resin.

The model I used can be found on Thingiverse here:

The above links are a total of 6 pieces, what I like about this is that it is designed to go around a short length of PVC pipe which helps to line everything up. The pistol grip is also keyed to go under what we’ll call the upper receiver for the pistol so it’s a pretty straightforward and simple build. The one downfall is that the pistol model above does not include the sight on top, luckily someone else caught this and created the sight for it which can be found at the second link above. Here’s a pic of the printed pieces borrowed from the creators pics:


The link below is a remix of the two models above that has been converted to a 3 piece print.

Here is a link to Rob Clark’s pictures from The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff with some great close ups of the pistol:

One benefit to the first model is that with all the individual pieces you can clean them all up much better.

At this point I am just now wrapping up the printing process and doing the pistol grip, pics will follow when I take it into the shop tomorrow for some initial cleanup before I work on K9 for a bit.

UPDATE – 9-26-2016: All of the parts finished printing, had to reprint the grip because my stepper motor got hot and decided to do a lil sidestep on me… was able to get out to the shop this morning for a bit of cleanup on this and other parts for other projects. So nice having the 3D printer back up and running. Anyhow, this is on hold for a short time till I get some superglue and then it will be onto cleaning everything up more.

dsc_0145 dsc_0146 dsc_0147


Sonic Screwdrivers for 3D Printing

I was asked recently if I knew of any files for printing out the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver… my first answer was “Which One?” followed by, “There’s a LOT of them out there”.

With that in mind, what I’m doing here is making a listing of the various Doctor Who sonic screwdrivers out there that are ready for 3D printing.

WARNING: I have not, and will not, print all of these out, this is simply a collection of links to the files on various sites where you can find them so I can not say whether one model is better than another. This is also NOT an all inclusive list. If you happen to know of a 3D Printable File for any of the missing screwdrivers, please drop me a line so I can add it.

1st Doctor

2nd Doctor

3rd Doctor

4th Doctor

5th Doctor

6th Doctor

7th Doctor

8th Doctor

9th Doctor

10th Doctor

11th Doctor

12th Doctor

2000th Doctor

River Song’s Sonic

War Doctor

The Master’s Laser Screwdriver

Jack’s Sonic Blaster

Romana’s Sonic Screwdriver

Here’s a fair rendition of several of the sonic screwdrivers for reference:


The Noisy Cricket

As fate would have it the humidity is a bit too high today to be slinging resin in the shop so I decided to do some cleaning around my inside shop/man cave and came across an unfinished project I had printed a while back, The Noisy Cricket from the first MIB.

Looking at it, it’s not entirely screen accurate but it does give a very reasonable appearance that would be readily recognized at a con or show. I think at this point in its construction I was going for a completely static prop so it just needs a bit more smoothing then it’s onto the painting. Don’t know if I’ll get it done today or not, I’ve got work tonight but thought I would start stock piling some projects for rainy days so I can remain productive.

5715210077_3a9b766c36 will-smith-as-agent-j-in-men-in-black-1997

Printing for the Emperor – Marine

Well now this has taken a twist I didn’t see coming, now it seems my little blurb has become a series. Below is a listing of some Warhammer 40k Space Marine models that can be 3D printed and used.

I’ll do some more work on this list and see what I can get printed in the near future a well as pics. There’s a LOT more stuff to include plenty of bits for conversions and enemies of the Emperor.

Printing for The Emperor – Imperial Guard

As I mentioned before I was printing out some Imperial Guard vehicles for a guy, this of course led to people asking me where to find them, what do they do with them once they get them, and all manner of other questions. So here, in part II of what was originally just going to be a blurb about what I was doing today, is a listing of Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard stuff followed by a pic or two and then some tips.

So there you have a nice selection of vehicles including one aircraft and a few bits to even mix things up a bit.

When printing anything like this where it’s supposed to be glued together and you want flush surfaces I suggest printing a brim around each object. This will help the parts stick to the print bed and not curl on the edges or warp and screw up the whole print.

Assembly of these can be done with just about Cyanoacrylate ( Super Glue ) but make sure that you do it in a well ventilated area or have a small fan blowing across the parts to keep the vapors from the glue from frosting everything.

Finishing can be accomplished by any means you want, I prefer to give things a light sanding then use a makeup wedge to spread acetone over the parts. This gives them a nice smooth appearance and further helps to fuse the layers together on the outside making it stronger.

Pics will come later once I have more of this guys army printed.


dscf3222 dscf3223 dscf3224 dscf3225 dscf3226 dscf3227

House Atreides Sidearm

One of the things I always wanted when I was growing up was a sidearm I saw in the 1984 release of DUNE. Thanks to my 3D printer I was finally able to make that wish a reality. One of the things I really like about this Atreides pistol now is that the colouring of it gives it an almost steampunk look.

dscf3141 dscf3160 screenhunter_374-jun-23-09-21 screenhunter_374-jun-23-09-22 screenhunter_374-jun-23-09-23 screenhunter_375-jun-23-09-24