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ODST Armor for My Wife

Being married to a geek means that at some point, you’re going to become one as well as in the case of my wife. She never really took much interest in sci-fi, then about 5 years back it started and now she knows the difference between R2-D2 and a Dalek. Now, one of the benefits to this is I get to make awesome stuff for her to cosplay in, like a whole ODST armor suit.

Still a work in progress but here’s the beginning pics of it:

One very unique thing about this build is that we’ve coated it with a virtually indestructible coating called Line-X, check out the video below:

The end result is a suit of armor that is made from EVA foam and will last much longer than it normally would if sealed using traditional methods.

What you see above is in fact a whole suit of purple ODST armor. We’re at the point now of ordering her jumpsuit and wrapping up the little odds and ends and accessories before we get it all strapped and on her.

There’s a 3D printed helmet as well as the 3D printed M6 SOCOM pistol for her. I’ve also completed the building of her SMG that also needs to be finished.

Muhahahhaaaaaa – It’s finished

Alrighty then, decided to do something a bit different tonight….. before I post this set up on Etsy and Zibbet, I’ll give everyone a chance this weekend to get it directly from me here for a discounted price….. what we have….

All pieces are made from 4-6oz Veg Tanned Leather, nickel plated rivets, snaps, and buckles, and polycarbonate lenses for the goggles and where lacing is used it’s heavy duty vinyl leather lacing.

What’s included:

1. 12″ Tall Smokestack Top Hat that will fit a 23.5″ head and smaller with some padding.

2. Goggles, very adjustable to fit a wide range of melons and fit nicely over the hat when not in use.

3. Leather Belt – this will fit anywhere from a 38″ waist up to about a 64″ waist and is VERY adjustable using the conway buckle. There’s two tab keepers included.

4. 2 Skirt Chasers – these are used to keep a skirt from dragging on the ground by tucking the ends into the d-rings ( guys also use them as contact points for clipping keys, etc ).

5. Mug Holder – simple 1 snap mug holder that will hold a massive mug with no problem.

6. Mini Top Hat – about 5″ tall and the same diameter around roughly.

7. NERF Maverick – This includes the holster which is on the belt and all matches.

All said and done this is a great MATCHING set of gear and I am asking $200 on here for it. I will list it on Etsy and Zibbet for $300 on Monday and as many of you know already…. it won’t last long.

Contact me on here or by email at:


Something new… Mini Top Hat

So I had some time this weekend to spend in the shop and my head got to swimming with ideas for projects and looking around at all the unfinished ones got me motivated to do something.

So what we have here now is a mini top hat, or fascinator, made like a pepakura model in an attempt to find an easier to crank them out en masse without having to use leather…. the results are…. not bad to be honest and if I do more of them there will be some improvements to the design and process as well as decorations….. all said and done it’s a nice and unique little hat.

Here it is on Etsy:

And here’s some pics of it….

Some random curiousities I’ve made

Here is a collection of odd little things I’ve assembled in the past and once I have my new workshop I’ll be making again. A really big hit seemed to be the little bottles of Kraken Repellent and the Escape from the Old One’s boxed game.

You would be surprised what comes to mind when you are walking around the craft store, long as you have a theme set in your head, you can find all kinds of stuff to help make tons of little knick-knacks that are perfect for setting on the coffee table and leaving as decoration.

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Rattlesnake Pistol Grips

It’s common knowledge that when I set my mind to do something I can do it, especially with leather and skins. This was put to the test when my fiance’s father brought me a rattlesnake skin and a pair of wooden pistol grips and asked me to wrap them with the snakeskin. First step was…