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Whimsical Repellent Soaps

An idea I had a long long long time ago that was rekindled a couple of times over the past couple of years is a series of whimsical repellent soaps and lotions…. surprising they really work as I keep a bottle of the Undead Repellent Lotion around and I have yet to see any undead lurking around !!!

There’s Undead, Vampire, Kraken, Werewolf, Pirate, and Ghost Repellents all packages in custom designed boxes to fit into a Steampunk theme or Victorian era setting. Not to mention they make really great conversation pieces when left sitting on the bathroom counter.

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Ahhhhh Roasted French Vanilla Coffee Soap

So today I was finally able to relax, wind down, and make some soap. Using roasted French vanilla coffee ( from Dunkin Doughnuts ) and two types of olive oil glycerine soap I was able to fill my molds up halfway first with the nice dark coffee scrub and when that had cooled, added a second layer with no coffee but aloe and vitamin e.

Using the ground coffee in the soap helps to create a VERY invigorating experience while at the same time exfoliating and moisturizing. When you don’t want to scrub, the milky white side has the aloe and vitamin e for those sensitive areas.

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