Evolution – The Mk III War Doctor’s Bandolier

So after watching the same episodes repeatedly and thinking of ways to make the bandolier more accurate WHILE at the same time making it more durable, I’ve managed to get most of the kinks worked out and have evolved the War Doctor’s Bandolier into something much closer to the one on TV….. again.

Evolution of the bandolier started out with the Mk I which was a custom order from Etsy and not having recalled the episodes at the time, was created out of leather with only leather plates laced through the bandolier loops.

Then came probably the worst mistake ever but the sales for it were great and people liked it. The Mk. II was similar in design to the Mk. I but included EVA foam plates that were painted with a hammered bronze paint. Although an improvement in overall appearance, the plates were flawed and at least one person has reported the paint cracking on them. This version was debuted in Pensacola at Paracon 2014.

Which brings us to where I am at in the evolution of the bandolier today. After a long nights work paying with Lexan and a heat gun, I was able to make a much more accurate looking plate to affix to the leather plates and lace onto the rest of the bandolier. The end result is a vast improvement over the Mk. I and II and is closer in colour to the original. It also makes for a much more durable plate that won’t crack or bend and will retain its shape even is left in the car. The rest of the bandolier was given some aging to help match the plates better but it doesn’t really come through in the pics. All in all, the Mk. III War Doctor’s Bandolier is the best so far. But it gets better; even as I type this, the Mk. III is being refined to include laser cut acrylic plates and leather plates for a much cleaner, crisper look.

Just above you can see the new Lexan plates drying with their new colour and a Mk. II foam plate for comparison. Since the plates will now retain their shape no matter what they’re easier to create and work with and deliver a much better look over the other versions. For now, the new Mk. III will be the standard and what I will be offering for sale. Those that have previously purchased a Mk. II bandolier can contact me to see about upgrading their plates if they want.

And what does the future hold ???

Despite being able to make these plates and bandoliers out of virtually anything I want, the goal is to create something that looks like it’s right out of the show. Plans are already in motion for 22 gauge CNC cut steel plates which will have an automotive grade finish on them to create what I believe will be the final evolution of the bandolier. While still a few months away, it’s coming, and then I can move onto something else for the War Doctor…. his Tardis and the rifle he borrows when he blasts “NO MORE” into the wall for the Daleks to read.