Gallifrey Guardsman Rifle

Thanks to a post I found on Deviant Art I was able to make a template to start work on making my rifle for the War Doctor.

Here is the project I found on Deviant Art:

References will be the work Chonosfx has done as well as images from the “Day of the Doctor” episode and the Doctor Who Experience:

doctor-who-gallifrey-soldier-costume doctor-who-gallifreyan-soldier-uniform war-doctor-big

gallifrey-soldier-costume-props-dr-who doctor-who-gallifrey-costumes-props doctor-who-gallifreyan-soldier-uniform dr-who-gallifreyan-soldier-costume

Here’s a couple of other pics I found of another build:

13606796_1202369953128744_4831845712941905330_n 13612336_1202369996462073_3903736031922485517_n

This is going to be a side project as the work on K9 is taking precedence.

UPDATE 9-14-2016: What I’ve done is taken the drawing that Chronosfx did and made it 40″ long to match the rifle shown on Deviant Art. From there I broke that image down into 5 printable pages and taped them together, and cut them out. I made two copies of this, one was cut to make two layers of the inner core, and the other to make two layers for the outer pieces. I’ll get pics once I get it traced out onto the foam board and start cutting.


Above is a screenshot of the template based on the line art that Chronosfx did.

With my template printed and taped together, I cut it out and taped it right onto the foam board. This kept the template in place and once I had cut it out, the template came right off and I was able to take the first piece of foam board and glue it down to another. Once the second layer was cut out I did it one more time to get the thickness for the core that I wanted.

dsc_0100 dsc_0101 dsc_0102 dsc_0103 dsc_0104 dsc_0105 dsc_0106

On pause for a while until I get out to the store to get more foam board. At this point I can tell I’m going to want to do 2 more layers on each side in order to build up the thickness so I can create the curves right that go from the core to the outer pieces as seen in the reference pics. I’ve got to go get some blood-work and x-rays in the morning so I’ll grab more posterboard then and get back to work.

UPDATE 9-15-2016 – Managed to go out into the world today and pick up the last of the foam board I needed for this. It’s now 8 layers thick and seems to be a really good approximation of the rifle in the shows. I started cleaning up some of the edges and covering it with fiberglass resin. Still quite a bit of work to do on this. That last pic shows the stacked layer effect, this was done by using the same template but cutting off the grips and other sections. Hoping to do some more work on this tomorrow.

dsc_0107 dsc_0108 dsc_0109

More work was done today, I just couldn’t leave it out in the shop with fiberglass all hanging off it and junk…. so I now have both sides and the top fiberglassed over and wow, talk about coming together nicely, all the lines are spot on so far and it’s getting some heft to it. Not anywhere near as bendy as it was before either so that’s a major bonus. I was also able to round off some of the edges to match the actual ones used in the shows more accurately.

dsc_0115 dsc_0116 dsc_0117 dsc_0118

UPDATE 9-26-2016 – Got out in the shop this evening and did some more cleanup on the rifle, started cleaning up some edges to get ready for glazing putty and final sculpting… still a long ways to go on this but it’s coming along nicely. Also shown with it is the Alpha Meson Blaster