Gallifreyan Guard Rifle – Variations ???

I was looking around the web this evening and came across a screenshot from the Season 9 episode “Hell Bent” and noticed that there seems to be a variant of the rifle. If you look closely, the woman in the middle is holding a rifle that lacks the round things in the middle and the barrel seems to be more of snub nosed shotgun type.

Other things I picked up were that none of them had sidearms in their leg drops and that the guard on the right of the three, has a different helmet and racing stripes on his uniform.


I’m getting ready to go through the episode and pull some more screenshots for research purposes. It would be nice to be able to finish my first rifle, make a mold of it, then create the variant(s).

This makes a total of 3 different variations on the rifle so far, wonder how many more there are ???

  • Variant One – Seen in the “Day of the Doctor” has an almost flamethrower looking barrel tip
  • Variant Two – Seen in “Hell Bent” has the conical end at the barrel tip
  • Variant Three – Seen in “Hell Bent” has a shorter barrel and no round things in the middle

Here’s the screenshots I just grabbed showing what I am calling Variant Three ( as well as Variant Two in some shots )

screenhunter_710-sep-15-06-38 screenhunter_710-sep-15-06-39 screenhunter_710-sep-15-06-40 screenhunter_710-sep-15-06-42