Going to be a scorcher

Today it’s been said that the temperature is going to be around 107 and 110 and given the heat in the shop last night, I’m going to be chilling in the house all day….. prolly won’t get much done BUT, I do have a couple of resin cast krakens and a recently finished NERF Recon to show

I’m looking to score some sheets of Worbla and try working with that, after watching Heroes of Cosplay, Face Off, and Jim Hensons Creature Shop, I can’t wait to play with it and the fact there doesn’t have to be any waste when using it means bonus savings. Looking forward to scoring some.

One of the next, in the very near future, projects will be another plague doctor mask using the fiberglass shell and an EL lighting kit….. thinking of using the purple tribal mask style and lighting up the voids