HALO Armour Parts, Pieces, and Props

As evolution goes, you start out doing one thing and get bored with it then move onto bigger and better things. With that in mind we’ve decided to start on a series of HALO game inspired armour parts, pieces, and props.

There’s already a wide variety of the usual Master Chief and spartan armour out there so we’re going to focus on some of the other variants, especially if they can be mixed and matched with other pieces from other sets to create new and unique suits while at the same time keeping that UNSC look and style everyone recognizes.

Being pepped out now are the following:

  • Hayabusa Helmet – 2 piece
  • Hayabusa Chest
  • Hayabusa Shoulders
  • Reach Marine Helmet
  • Reach Marine Greaves
  • Reach Marine Shoulders
  • Reach Marine Abdominal Plate
  • Reach Marine Thighs
  • CQB Helmet
  • EOD Helmet
  • EVA Helmet
  • Scout Helmet
  • Rogue Helmet

This list will grow and other items added as we go through the extensive selection of Pepakura files available on the net. Special thanks to the RPF and 405th for kicking this off with a nice selection of Pep files.

Although we’re using the pep files to start with, we’re going to be using in-game shots, trailers, cinematic scenes, and other references to finish them before casting to create a nice and accurate representation of the part, piece, or prop.

There is no set time scale for completion on anything other than the Reach Marine components as we want to have them ready for Halloween 2014 and cons.