Hellboy – Fist of Doom

Well I couldn’t get focused on K9 at first this morning so I decided to take a sheet of EVA foam I had laying around and start crafting a key to open portals so demons and other stuff could enter our world. Imagine the fun !!!

As mentioned, thus far it’s been a really simple build. Rolled the EVA into a tube, glued it, adding the inner cuff around the top, the two bands around the outside then used my hobby knife to add the cracks in it. After that I hit the whole thing with the heat gun to accentuate the cracks. I used my mini dremel to carve the circles and swirls into it then hit it with the heat gun again. After that I sealed it with Plastidip spray then drybrushed it with a house paint I had in the shop called Daredevil by Behr.

Not to shabby for like an hour or two of playing around…

dsc_0125 dsc_0126 dsc_0127