Mini Hats

A fascinator hat is a small ornamental headpiece that fits on the head using an alice-band-type base or headband or even a small comb. It is always lightweight and usually features feathers, beads or flowers. The use of the term fascinator began in the 1990s when such headpieces became popular for wearing at weddings without ruining your lovely hairstyle or giving you a helmet head.

These days it can be worn for any occasion, but mostly formal. The only purpose of a fascinator is hair decoration. The fascinator always sits at an angle on the head as if perching on top of the well-groomed hair and complementing the look of the hair. A cross between a hair accessory and a cocktail hat, a fascinator with veil is also quite common.

The fascinator as we know it today is adopted in the London (Luton-based) millinery trade during the late 1970s and 80s. However, use of the word ‘fascinator’ has been used in previous centuries to describe a lacy headcovering similar to a shawl but much smaller and lighter. From V is for Vintage

We’ve taken a liking to making these and sometimes go way over board with some of our creations. On Etsy we also the plain ones for sale so you can decorate them yourself. In addition to typical mini top hats, we also create mini pirate hats which are a huge hit at ren faires and conventions.