Muhahahhaaaaaa – It’s finished

Alrighty then, decided to do something a bit different tonight….. before I post this set up on Etsy and Zibbet, I’ll give everyone a chance this weekend to get it directly from me here for a discounted price….. what we have….

All pieces are made from 4-6oz Veg Tanned Leather, nickel plated rivets, snaps, and buckles, and polycarbonate lenses for the goggles and where lacing is used it’s heavy duty vinyl leather lacing.

What’s included:

1. 12″ Tall Smokestack Top Hat that will fit a 23.5″ head and smaller with some padding.

2. Goggles, very adjustable to fit a wide range of melons and fit nicely over the hat when not in use.

3. Leather Belt – this will fit anywhere from a 38″ waist up to about a 64″ waist and is VERY adjustable using the conway buckle. There’s two tab keepers included.

4. 2 Skirt Chasers – these are used to keep a skirt from dragging on the ground by tucking the ends into the d-rings ( guys also use them as contact points for clipping keys, etc ).

5. Mug Holder – simple 1 snap mug holder that will hold a massive mug with no problem.

6. Mini Top Hat – about 5″ tall and the same diameter around roughly.

7. NERF Maverick – This includes the holster which is on the belt and all matches.

All said and done this is a great MATCHING set of gear and I am asking $200 on here for it. I will list it on Etsy and Zibbet for $300 on Monday and as many of you know already…. it won’t last long.

Contact me on here or by email at: