New Costume Prop – The War Doctors Bandolier

What started out as a custom order has turned into a prop I enjoy making and has more applications than just the Dr. Who fans. That being said, the War Doctors Bandolier will now be something I make from time to time and keep on hand for sale in the Etsy shop.

I’ve done some research to make sure I can get it as close to authentic looking as possible…. the problem is, I’ve identified about 4 different variations/styles. The biggest item in these variations is the plates that cover the loops on the bandolier. There’s one version where there’s no question that it’s just leather, then there’s another that shows aged metal plates on the leather, and then there’s the toy that shows them as all metal. So the plates, we’re just gonna kind of wing it in regards to what I have on hand.

Along with the issue of the plates mentioned above, I’m most likely going to be casting the plates in resin so that they can be painted to look like leather or painted to look like metal depending on what is desired.

That being said, let’s get into some pictures shall we ???

So there’s some of the pics I have to go on for the costume, you can clearly see the bandolier in them. Now for some of my progress pics and finished product pics…