Printing for The Emperor – Imperial Guard

As I mentioned before I was printing out some Imperial Guard vehicles for a guy, this of course led to people asking me where to find them, what do they do with them once they get them, and all manner of other questions. So here, in part II of what was originally just going to be a blurb about what I was doing today, is a listing of Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard stuff followed by a pic or two and then some tips.

So there you have a nice selection of vehicles including one aircraft and a few bits to even mix things up a bit.

When printing anything like this where it’s supposed to be glued together and you want flush surfaces I suggest printing a brim around each object. This will help the parts stick to the print bed and not curl on the edges or warp and screw up the whole print.

Assembly of these can be done with just about Cyanoacrylate ( Super Glue ) but make sure that you do it in a well ventilated area or have a small fan blowing across the parts to keep the vapors from the glue from frosting everything.

Finishing can be accomplished by any means you want, I prefer to give things a light sanding then use a makeup wedge to spread acetone over the parts. This gives them a nice smooth appearance and further helps to fuse the layers together on the outside making it stronger.

Pics will come later once I have more of this guys army printed.


dscf3222 dscf3223 dscf3224 dscf3225 dscf3226 dscf3227