Rattlesnake Pistol Grips

It’s common knowledge that when I set my mind to do something I can do it, especially with leather and skins. This was put to the test when my fiance’s father brought me a rattlesnake skin and a pair of wooden pistol grips and asked me to wrap them with the snakeskin.

First step was research, couldn’t find anywhere that snakeskin was used on a revolvers grips and everyone I did hear talk about it said it couldn’t be done well because of the curves involved in the grips.

After a long night of cutting, shaping, and sealing, I was able to deliver these for Christmas and he loved them. The grips came out damn near perfectly and were sealed with fiberglass resin for durability and to help protect the scales on the skin and keep them from flaking off. All in all it was a REAL pain in the ass and I won’t do it again for less then $200. Here’s a pic of the finished product: