Research Research, and MORE RESEARCH

I like to create things as accurately as possible when it comes to props from shows and movies. That being said, I knew there were some discrepancies in the War Doctor’s bandolier… so I watch the whole episode and found a good scene where I could grab some screenshots of the bandolier as seen on the show. The toy shows a whole different version but led me to see the metal plates on top of the leather plates.

In the show the metal plates are dark metal, on the toy they’re bright silver. So what I am doing today is making the metal plates out of EVA foam to keep cost and weight down on the bandolier. I’ve coated the plates with a layer of paint brushed on to fill the holes and smooth the surface some while at the same time lending it a brushed metal appearance. Then I used some of the Rustoleum Hammered Brown spraypaint.

For anyone else wanting to make the bandolier, here’s the reference pics I have made for it, these are actual screenshots right out of the episode “Day of the Doctor” taken at the convergence scene around the 56:30 minute mark