River’s Alpha Meson Blaster

Almost as prevalent as her lipstick is River’s Alpha Meson Blaster which can be seen in “Gridlock”, “The Big Bang”, and “Day of the Moon” as well as numerous other episodes.

With the 3D printer back up and running with little to no problems I wanted to continue working on the Doctor Who props in hopes of having a large selection that could be molded and cast in resin. The other reason is that it will keep me occupied when the weather isn’t compliant with slinging fiberglass or resin.

The model I used can be found on Thingiverse here:

The above links are a total of 6 pieces, what I like about this is that it is designed to go around a short length of PVC pipe which helps to line everything up. The pistol grip is also keyed to go under what we’ll call the upper receiver for the pistol so it’s a pretty straightforward and simple build. The one downfall is that the pistol model above does not include the sight on top, luckily someone else caught this and created the sight for it which can be found at the second link above. Here’s a pic of the printed pieces borrowed from the creators pics:


The link below is a remix of the two models above that has been converted to a 3 piece print.

Here is a link to Rob Clark’s pictures from The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff with some great close ups of the pistol:

One benefit to the first model is that with all the individual pieces you can clean them all up much better.

At this point I am just now wrapping up the printing process and doing the pistol grip, pics will follow when I take it into the shop tomorrow for some initial cleanup before I work on K9 for a bit.

UPDATE – 9-26-2016: All of the parts finished printing, had to reprint the grip because my stepper motor got hot and decided to do a lil sidestep on me… was able to get out to the shop this morning for a bit of cleanup on this and other parts for other projects. So nice having the 3D printer back up and running. Anyhow, this is on hold for a short time till I get some superglue and then it will be onto cleaning everything up more.

dsc_0145 dsc_0146 dsc_0147