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ODST Armor for My Wife

Being married to a geek means that at some point, you’re going to become one as well as in the case of my wife. She never really took much interest in sci-fi, then about 5 years back it started and now she knows the difference between R2-D2 and a Dalek. Now, one of the benefits to this is I get to make awesome stuff for her to cosplay in, like a whole ODST armor suit.

Still a work in progress but here’s the beginning pics of it:

One very unique thing about this build is that we’ve coated it with a virtually indestructible coating called Line-X, check out the video below:

The end result is a suit of armor that is made from EVA foam and will last much longer than it normally would if sealed using traditional methods.

What you see above is in fact a whole suit of purple ODST armor. We’re at the point now of ordering her jumpsuit and wrapping up the little odds and ends and accessories before we get it all strapped and on her.

There’s a 3D printed helmet as well as the 3D printed M6 SOCOM pistol for her. I’ve also completed the building of her SMG that also needs to be finished.

Oh we’re so close now I can taste it

Closing day is March 10th ( possibly March 7th ) on our new house, what that means for me is a whole garage within which to build my workshop and in turn larger projects, more storage for stuff and even bigger and better tools to play with !!!!

On the board already¬† are a few things I’ve wanted to do for a while but never really had the room:

  • Halo Scout Suit
  • Halo Master Chief Suit
  • Halo ODST Suit
  • Mondoshawan Suit ( 5th Element )

Already working on plans and template, just need the space which I will soon have