The Noisy Cricket

As fate would have it the humidity is a bit too high today to be slinging resin in the shop so I decided to do some cleaning around my inside shop/man cave and came across an unfinished project I had printed a while back, The Noisy Cricket from the first MIB.

Looking at it, it’s not entirely screen accurate but it does give a very reasonable appearance that would be readily recognized at a con or show. I think at this point in its construction I was going for a completely static prop so it just needs a bit more smoothing then it’s onto the painting. Don’t know if I’ll get it done today or not, I’ve got work tonight but thought I would start stock piling some projects for rainy days so I can remain productive.

5715210077_3a9b766c36 will-smith-as-agent-j-in-men-in-black-1997