The War Doctor Bandolier

One of the coolest props I have made has been the bandolier worn by the Sir John Hurt in the 50th anniversary episode titled “Day of the Doctor”. But…. that’s not where it begins.

In the preceding episode, “Night of the Doctor” the bandolier is worn Cassie who dies and prompts the Doctor to adopt this new form. The Doctor takes this bandolier and says “No More” and becomes the War Doctor as everyone now calls him. He’s a rather odd incarnation and doesn’t seem to fit into numbering system very well as this would be the Doctor 8.5 or some rubbish like that.

Anyhow, onto the War Doctor Bandolier…

I’ve watched both episodes countless times and with each viewing noticed more and more details I could add, the latest rendition has been purchased by dozens of Whovians around the world who have had nothing but kind words regarding its construction and relative accuracy.

It didn’t start out that way though… the first attempt was a passable newbie thing with eva foam plates that barely survived the con. Now I used heat formed lexan plates that are securely glue and then laced onto the leather backing plates to give it the look and durability a Time Lord deserves.

Here are some reference pictures I studied:

And here are some pics of my creation:

DSCF2426 NewBandolier

dscf2489_1 dscf2489_2 dscf2489_3

I am still making these and they are made to order. They are one size fits most.

Construction is 4-6oz. Vegetable Tanned and hand stained leather for the bandolier and base plates. The armoured plates are made from painted lexan that is heat formed so they will retain their shape and are laced onto the bandolier with leather cording. There’s ample room to add your sonic screwdriver in the right spot as well as many others as one gentleman did at a convention to show off his collection of screwdrivers.

Turnaround time is presently 3-4 weeks due to my work schedule. If you need it sooner please feel free to contact me and inquire if it’s possible for a quick build. Shipping is free in the US.

The War Doctor’s Bandolier – $120 w/free shipping