Upcoming Doctor Who Projects

Just because I can, I am going to be working on several projects which will quite possibly take a lot of time and money. As such there is no set time for completion. Below is a gallery of pics for the items I will be making. The overall goal of which is to create a sort of “Tardis Museum” with all kinds of cool Doctor Who stuff inside, especially if it involves the War Doctor.

So as you can see, I will be slowly working on the following:

  • The War Doctor’s Tardis – Life sized and able to hold several display pieces inside including the War Doctor’s costume, photos, autographs, props, etc.
  • The Gallifreyan Rifle – Used by the War Doctor to blast “NO MORE” into the side of the wall for the Daleks to read.
  • The Moment – While I can’t have Billie Piper, I can settle on the box which will light up and all that.

As I said, there will be no set time for completion on any of these projects unless I happen to get a ton of money and spare time. In an ideal world, I would like to have them all done by this time next year or a little sooner so maybe we can hit some cons and show it all off.